At Strawhouse, we are in our second decade of roasting organic coffee, and we are proud to offer our full selection of delicious roasts. In addition to completely organic coffee, most of our products are fair-trade, shade-grown, and bird-friendly. Our roasters focus on creating a high-quality product in order to bring out the distinct qualities of each coffee variety. Our philosophy is to have the roast support the bean, not the other way around. 

100% Organic

Our coffee is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). The only exception to this is our Rwandan, which is Processed Organic. Read the story of Rwandan coffee roasted by Strawhouse here.

Wide Range of Blends

Strawhouse offers numerous varieties of organic coffee, from single-origin beans to custom blends. Each variety is roasted to complement its unique characteristics.

Globally Conscious

We select coffee beans that are certified organic, mostly fair-trade, shade-grown, and bird-friendly. We hope you will also find value in choosing coffee produced using fair and ecologically sound methods.

We Give Back

Strawhouse is proud to donate three dollars from the sale of every pound of our coffee beans to the Downriver Volunteer Fire Department. Learn more about “Coffee for a Cause”.