Coffee for a Cause

Small communities face unique challenges. 

Having lived and worked in this rural setting for so many years, we at Strawhouse have realized that small communities like ours along State Highway 299 and the Trinity River face unique challenges. Stemming from our original vision of being a vital part of the local and regional communities, we have worked hard to make Strawhouse Organic Coffee a part of the solution for those challenges. 

French Roast Organic Coffee			How is Strawhouse helping?

Strawhouse Organic Coffee is proud to have established affiliation with the Downriver Volunteer Fire Department (DRVFD). These volunteers are available to fight wildfires, assist when accidents occur, and respond to medical alerts and many other emergencies along the State Highway 299 corridor. To help the DRVFD continue their much-needed services, we donate $3 for every pound of Strawhouse Coffee sold. Our hope is that the Strawhouse Coffee can help raise awareness of the important work that the DRVFD and other volunteer fire departments do while helping to raise the important funds they need to continue their contributions to our communities. 

A Letter From Fire Chief Gloria Reynolds

The Downriver VFD (DRVFD) has been busy with the construction of the Vic Rose Public Safety Facility, otherwise known as the Fire Hall.  Our projects have been made successful by means of grants, generous donations from our community, and the efforts of the Strawhouse Coffee Fundraiser.

We currently have completed the commerical kitchen, along with the ADA bathroom with shower, two toilets, sinks and lights.

Our efforts to recruit and retain new members is our most challenging task.  For the first time in several years staff does not have to respond solo to traffic accidents and medical calls!  It means a lot to know we are not responding to these emergencies solo anymore. 

With the new addition of our latest fire engine, a 2005 Wildland Engine on loan from the government (we just have to pay for the insurance), hopes are that we will have a crew ready to fight fire by the time our next fire season hits.  With that said, we still need more volunteers to make this happen! 

 With the donations we have received, we have set objectives and goals to be able to outfit a five-person crew to staff our newest engine.  We will be purchasing more pagers and radios with better capabilities than we are currently using.  Our turnout gear and fire-fighting clothes are old and out-dated.  We hope to keep replacing items for new members, to keep up on the latest equipment needed to do our job safely, and to be ready for the many different circumstances that arise.

A Big Thank You is what we wish to convey the most to those of you who have helped support our efforts and believe in what we are doing!

We also hope to have more fundraisers soon involving the new kitchen so that everyone can see what has been happening.  There is still work to be done in the building involving the training room, office and loft.  Our local food bank is also utilizing  our space to offer commodities once a month to our local residents.  In the near future we will be able to store more food for this event in case there is a need to have food on hand in an emergency. 

Thanks again to everyone!

Gloria Reynolds